Neonatal Intensive Care 
High-tech has made great strides in securing a baby's future. Even though most deliveries are very routine, families find comfort in knowing that Atlanta Medical Center has an advanced level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

In addition to up-to-date technology, two neonatologists provide care in the unit as well as round-the-clock specially trained physician assistants, registered nurses, dedicated respiratory therapists, a perinatal/neonatal social worker and speech and physical therapists who all work together to provide developmental care for the smallest patients. Babies weighing as lit.tle as 13 ounces have been cared for in this special intensive care unit.

Experienced hands in the special care nursery provide a special "snuggled in" care called developmental care. Babies are snuggled in special bedding to provide the same compact, secure environment that the infant was accustomed to while in the mother's womb. The goal of developmental care is to aid in the gradual transition from mother's womb to the outside world.

Minimal stimulation from sound, light and touch also is important. Beautiful, sound- absorbing clouds blanket the ceiling of this special nursery to help buffer the noise level. Because these infants need minimal touch, special "touch times" are set up, although parents are welcome to visit the nursery as often as they'd like. Parents and other family members are encouraged to provide care during these times by diapering, feeding and bathing the new baby. Developmental care transforms a high-tech NICU into a "kinder-gentler" nursery that may make a difference in the first few weeks of life.