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“Bloodless” refers to a medical or surgical treatment without the use of banked or stored blood.  Developed more than sixty years ago, bloodless surgery minimizes blood loss through a range of blood conservation methods, many of which have been enhanced through new medical and surgical tools and techniques. Atlanta Medical Center’s state-of-the-art program includes the following technologies:
 Cell Saver continually circulates the patient’s own blood during surgical procedures (see video below).
 Skin Monitor tracks oxygen levels during surgery.
 Argon Beam Coagulator congeals or clots a patient’s blood during surgery in order to reduce blood loss.
 Volume Expanders introduce fluids that enhance the circulation of a patient’s own blood during surgery.
 Synthetic Erythropoietin stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
 Lasers are used as a precise blade for treatment of a variety of surgical disorders.
 Harmonic Scalpel is a device used to control bleeding by sealing the wound at the time of the incision.


 The Cell Saver: An Amazing Technology