Program Administration 
Bloodless Medicine 404-265-6723 (daytime) or 404-353-3805 (24-hour pager)

To ensure the best experience possible for every patient, Atlanta Medical Center provides a full-time program administrator to assist patients and their families throughout the consultation, admission and procedure process with:

 Physician referral
 Assistance with outpatient services
 Family member accommodations

The program administrator, Brenda Depena-Gray, is intimately familiar with the religious issues involved in bloodless medicine. As program coordinator for Atlanta Medical Center’s Bloodless Medicine & Surgery program, her goal is to ensure that each individual’s decision to participate in a bloodless medicine procedure is both understood and respected. To facilitate this, she is personally engaged with the patient and his or her surgeon. Brenda’s personal interactions help healthcare professionals involved in the care of that patient to better understand the individual’s needs and expectations during treatment.

Brenda is available to answer questions and help direct patients and their families through the process. For more information on the Bloodless Medicine & Surgery program or to schedule a consultation, call the office at 404.265.6723 (or the 24-hour digital pager at 404.353.3805).


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