Procedures and Treatments 
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Atlanta Medical Center offers a full range of bloodless surgical procedures and medical treatments using the latest in blood conversation techniques including:

    Surgical Procedures

                 Cardiac Catheterization
                 Balloon angioplasty

        Ear, Nose and Throat

        General Surgery
                 Gall bladder surgery

                 Cataract surgery

        Orthopedic Surgery
                 Total hip replacement
                 Knee replacement
                 Spinal surgery


    Medical Conditions Treated

        General Surgery
                 Diseases of the colon, throat and breast
                 Fibroid tumors
                 Ovarian cysts

        Ear, Nose and Throat
                 Deviated septum

                 Certain types of anemia

        Internal Medicine
                 Endocrine disorders

                 Brain and spine abnormalities

        Vascular Medicine
                 Peripheral vascular disease
                 Deep vein thrombosis
                 Blood clots