AMC - Main Campus Volunteers 

 Everyday Heroes

Today’s rushed pace can leave you feeling disenchanted with the world. You don’t have to look far to be reminded there are people out there who put others first. 

Volunteers at Atlanta Medical Center prove that anybody can be a hero just by giving a little bit of themselves. As a matter of fact, Atlanta Medical Center wouldn’t be such a valuable healthcare resource for today if it weren’t for volunteers.  In the early days, the hospital was a clinic totally run by volunteers.

Today, Atlanta Medical Center’s volunteers are still an important part of the care we provide.  Atlanta Medical Center’s volunteers do everything from sitting with patients and keeping them company to completing clerical work.  Volunteers work in 20 different areas, helping out on the  nursing floors and serving as greeters in waiting areas. The hospital could not run without them. 

Most volunteers put in four hours twice a month during a day, evening or weekend shift.   Volunteers also can provide a communication link between families and staff in the ICU waiting room.