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Philip Ramsay, MD
Philip Ramsay, MD 

The Atlanta Medical Center Surgical Specialists was created in 2006 with a focus on providing the highest quality patient focused care in an academic environment. The surgeons recruited to this practice are not only highly skilled physicians but are committed surgical educators. This commitment to education ensures that our patients will receive care that is based on current medical research and that all questions are answered before and after their surgical care. In addition to the attending surgeon our patient’s care also includes a team of doctors that are training to become surgeons. These highly motivated and intelligent physicians will help your surgeon take care of you. At least four of our doctors are in the hospital 24 hours a day seven days a week. We believe that this added attention to our patients is critical in providing high quality care.

Each surgeon in our practice is a General Surgeon with additional training in a specialty area. Patients searching for the highest quality Colorectal, Breast, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Oncologic, Pancreatic, Liver, Thoracic, Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, or with a rare complex problem in need of a second opinion will find the expertise necessary to help solve their problem.

In addition to evaluating patients in our office adjacent to Atlanta Medical Center, our surgeons are willing to accept your e-mails before, during, or after your office evaluation. We encourage all patients, current and prospective, to use email to make sure that all concerns and questions are addressed to their satisfaction. We believe that our e-mail service is critical to help provide the level of patient education and satisfaction that our patients deserve.

Listen to the benefits of screening for colon cancer.  To learn more and to make an appointment, please call (404) 265-AWARE (2927).

Most major insurance plans accepted.

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