AMC Pharmacy Department 

The AMC Pharmacy Department is a 24-hour/365-day service that provides/supports a decentralized medication distribution program using automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs, e.g., Pyxis®), a USP-797 compliant central intravenous (IV) admixture program, a computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) program using an electronic medical record (EMR, e.g., Cerner®) and adynamic clinical service.

The Clinical Pharmacy Services Program is led by a clinical pharmacy manager who is board-certified in the areas of critical care and nutrition support. The clinical pharmacists practice in areas that closely match their clinical expertise and are integrated into patient care functions. Members of our medical and nursing staff rely on our pharmacists for drug information, drug therapy review and dosing/medication recommendations. The clinical pharmacy program provides metabolic support consult services to help facilitate a patient’s optimal nutritional status, along with a pharmacokinetic consult service to help ensure desired antibiotic therapeutic outcomes.