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Georgia On My Mind

When you find yourself in Georgia, you will find yourself among history, heritage and delightful hospitality. While Georgia has become known as a leader of the New South, it offers tourists a warm-hearted welcome where they can enjoy memorable experiences, beautiful scenery and an ideal year-round climate.

In Georgia there is always something to do. The state stretches from the beautiful golden beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the panoramic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. In between are the scenes that make Georgia so different: the dazzle of metropolitan Atlanta, the warmth and nostalgia of small cities and towns, and the forests of hardwoods, dogwoods and peach trees in bloom.

Georgia not only offers an enormous array of fun-filled activities, but also a friendly smile and open arms. It is not hard to grasp a sense of Georgia's significant history, and today that history is an integral part of Georgia's culture -- and the foundation for its vision and vitality.

For more on the state of Georgia, visit the Georgia On My Mind website.

The Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta 

Atlanta: A Great Place to Live and Work

The excitement of the Atlanta Medical Center campus is mirrored in its home city of Atlanta. A city of well-groomed neighborhoods. Atlanta is hospitable to professional people and their families. Atlantans enjoy a world-class symphony orchestra, ballet, theatre, opera, museums, and outdoor festivals and concerts.

Atlanta hosted the Centennial Olympic Games in 1996 and has year-round sporting events covering the spectrum of amateur, college and professional sports.

With its mild climate and numerous parks and outdoor recreation facilities, Atlanta is an ideal setting for those with active lifestyles. The Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic and Gulf Coast beaches are less than a day's drive away.

Atlanta is energetic and diverse, a thriving urban center of nearly three million people with Atlanta Medical Center close to its center.

To learn more about Atlanta, check out the Atlanta's official travel portal.