Water Births 

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Water Births at Atlanta Medical Center 

At Atlanta Medical Center, we want your birth experience to be the best it can be. We’re pleased to offer water birth, a birth option some women find improves their labor and delivery. The soothing effects of water help with relaxation resulting in a number of potential benefits to both mother and baby.

Our private birth suites and family-centered environment provide an ideal setting for water births. We look forward to helping you welcome your new baby into the world!

You must attend a waterbirth class to be able to have the option of laboring and/or delivery in the water.

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What is Water Birth?

With a water birth, you will submerge yourself in a special tub of warm water during labor, similar to soaking in a warm bath. You will receive careful monitoring and medical care, just as you would in a hospital bed.

Some women labor and deliver in the water. Others prefer to come out of the water for the actual delivery. If you deliver in the water, the midwife or nurse will gently lift the baby up to the surface and take the baby out of the water.

Potential Benefits of Water Birth

The benefits some women experience from water births may include:

  • Better relaxation during labor
  • Reduced production of stress hormones
  • Buoyancy and mobility allow a woman to assume any position she finds comfortable for labor and delivery. Movement helps open the pelvis, allowing the baby to descend.
  • Faster progression of labor
  • Reduced pain and need for pain medication
  • Relaxed pelvic floor may reduce perianal trauma and decrease the need for episiotomy
  • Relaxation leads to better breathing and may provide enhanced oxygenation for mother and baby.
  • Laboring in water may help pelvic floor tissue to relax and may decrease the need for an episiotomy.

Water birth may be considered a gentler way to transition the baby from the womb to the world.

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To choose a water birth, you must participate in a water birth class, either online or in person. Call 877-228-3638 to sign up to attend a class in person held at Atlanta Medical Center.

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