The Diabetes Metabolic Center at AMC 

What is The Diabetes Metabolic Center?

The Diabetes Metabolic Center at Atlanta Medical Center was established as a comprehensive outpatient treatment program for patients with diabetes. The Center aims to reduce the dangerous affects of the disease by providing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

The Center includes the resources of a wide range of specialists who are available to provide consultation and treatment. Physicians of The Diabetes Metabolic Center are board-certified in their specialties and include Endocrinologists, Internists, Podiatrists, and Rheumatologists.

Since Atlanta Medical Center is a teaching hospital, patients have the added benefit of being treated by physicians who also are academicians. The Center participates in a great variety of drug trials, and patients may have the opportunity to experience some of the newest treatment protocols. The American Diabetes Association has certified the Diabetes Metabolic Center’s Diabetes Self-Management Outpatient Education Program.

Treatment Protocols

After an initial evaluation by a physician, patients are referred, as appropriate, for evaluation and treatment recommendations by other team members. After the patient has met with involved team members, a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan is developed and presented to the patient.

Progress and patient treatment plans are reviewed in regular treatment team conferences to monitor outcomes and to promote continual quality of care.

Referrals and Program Entry

A physician generally refers patients to The Diabetes Metabolic Center for ongoing treatment and management. For more information about entering treatment programs at The Diabetes Metabolic Center, call (404) 265-4644.


Atlanta Medical Center’s Diabetes Metabolic Center accepts commercial insurance, managed care plans, Medicare and private pay.

The Diabetes Metabolic Center
315 Boulevard NE, Ste. 200
Atlanta, GA 30312.

Phone number (404) 265-4644
Fax number (404) 265-1190

Diabetes Class at Atlanta Medical Center

Atlanta Medical Center offers a number of diabetes classes. A written physician referral is required and you can get the form on the class offerings page. The referral should include your diagnosis and specify group or individual class. See all the class offerings.

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