New Cancer Pavilion Opened 

Patient-Centered Care


Atlanta Medical Center's new cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment center, the Cancer Pavilion at Atlanta Medical Center, opened in May 2005. The Cancer Pavilion is located on Parkway Drive across from Atlanta Medical Center's main hospital campus.


"This cancer pavilion is an investment in and commitment to the community in our war on cancer, the second leading killer of Georgians," said William T. Moore, chief executive officer of Atlanta Medical Center. "Atlanta Medical Center's Cancer Pavilion is special -- cancer screenings, diagnoses and oncology treatments are consolidated and coordinated in one building, providing much needed ease and access for patients and their families."


Special guests at the Grand Opening ceremony included Georgia State Senator Sam Zamarippa, who also is a member of Atlanta Medical Center's Governing Board, as well as Fulton County Commissioner Nancy Boxhill. Jeanette Johnson, a breast cancer survivor who was treated at Atlanta Medical Center, shared her story of cancer survival with the crowd and officially opened the building by cutting a replica of the Cancer Pavilion's customized cancer bracelet., which was given to those who attended the event.


"Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Georgia," said Dr. Michael Smith, medical director of oncology for Atlanta Medical Center. "Our goal is to increase cancer awareness and screenings, and to provide the latest oncological treatment to aggressively stop its spread."


Patient-Centered Care


The new Cancer Pavilion at Atlanta Medical Center is designed to guide patients through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The interior environment of the new Cancer Pavilion is meant to reflect the patterns, textures and warmth of nature through design form and color,


"When anyone walks into our Cancer Pavilion, I want them to know this cancer center has been designed with the patient in mind," says Adriene Kinnaird, director of cancer services for Atlanta Medical Center.


"This is not a typical approach to cancer treatment," says Dr. Michael Smith. "Patients typically have to go to several specialists at many different locations when they're going through treatment. Our new flex clinic removes this inconvenience by centering the physicians in who involved in care around the patients."


The flex clinic focuses on a different type of cancer diagnosis and treatment each day. Physicians form a confidential web-based patient record which continually updates the patient's test results and condition.


Outpatient Cancer Services Now Under One Roof


The first floor of the new Cancer Pavilion includes radiation therapy services, mammography as well as other outpatient services, a patient resource library and a lounge area. The first floor also has a 150-seat multipurpose auditorium, which will enable the Cancer Pavilion's current patient services, support groups and screenings to expand. The Cancer Pavilion's auditorium was named after A. Hamblin Letton, M.D., a retired physician who was influential in the passage of the National Cancer Act in 1971-1972 when he served as president of the American Cancer Society. Letton declined an offer by President Nixon to be the Surgeon General because he dedicated his career to the fight against cancer.


The Cancer Pavilion's second floor houses several physician offices, administrative offices and a flex clinic. When the flex clinic is not being used by physicians as temporary office space, it is a multidisciplinary clinic that gathers all the physicians needed for treating cancer in one place, allowing patients to see all their physicians at one time. The clinic also is used for cancer screenings that may require more intensive lab work or examination.


The second floor of the building also has an infusion therapy area, permanent physician office space and administrative offices. The third floor of the Cancer Pavilion will eventually be finished out as additional physician office space.


The Cancer Pavilion's fourth floor houses a community area, dining/kitchen area as well as a medi-spa. This spa specializes in services for individuals being treated for cancer and is open to the public.



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