Joint Replacement 

Sprained ankles and wrists, arthritic knees and hips, and torn rotator cuffs all have one thing in common: they result in joint pain. The usual causes of joint pain are over use, sprains, fractures, and arthritis. Becoming familiar with the usual causes and symptoms of joint pain can help you seek appropriate treatment and ongoing care, if necessary.

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 performing the simplest of activities, such as walking through a grocery store or getting up from a chair, can be difficult. Whether your pain is the result of arthritis, a sports injury or simple joint wear and tear, the professionals at Atlanta Medical Center can restore you to a comfortable and more active lifestyle.

TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT is an option for someone who suffers from chronic joint pain caused by arthritis or by delayed and progressive joint pain as the result of a previous sports or traumatic injury. The board certified orthopedic surgeons affiliated with Atlanta Medical Center are specially trained to evaluate and treat hip, knee and shoulder problems. Their goal is to help relieve your pain, restore your mobility and enhance your freedom of movement.

ATLANTA MEDICAL CENTER OFFERS MAKOPLASTY®, a specific partial knee and total hip procedure that involves a robotic arm-assisted surgical procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. At Atlanta Medical Center, MAKOplasty® is currently being used to treat the damaged part of the knee, while sparing the surrounding healthy bone and ligaments.

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