Trauma and Critical Care 

This experience will give the student the opportunity to participate in a specialty that is extremely dynamic and truly multidisciplinary in a very personal and productive setting.

The Trauma and Critical Care Service affords the student the opportunity to be involved in the initial resuscitation, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of the multiple traumatized patient. The student will also have the advantage of following this patient within the intensive care unit and will be intimately involved in the care, as well as the presentation, of the patient in the critical care setting. The student will be responsible for daily rounds and presentation of their particular patient and will be responsible for any additional ancillary reading and research.

The main objectives of the service to the student is that at the completion of the rotation, they will be able to evaluate effectively and expeditiously the traumatized patient. They will be able to know the methodical approach to the diagnosis of trauma to diseases and will be able to explain the rudimentary early treatments of these traumatized patients. In the intensive care unit, the objectives are a methodical approach to the daily evaluation and treatment of the patient in the intensive care unit and the technical advances that accrue in critical care medicine.

This rotation also affords the educational broadening of the student by having Journal Club and Mortality Conferences associated with trauma and critical care. The critical care service also presents critical care rounds once a week at which time discussion of individual patients and issues affecting the care of this patient. At Atlanta Medical we feel that trauma and critical care is one of the most rewarding and special parts of our curriculum.