General Surgery 

During assignment in surgery at Atlanta Medical Center, students will be introduced to surgical practice in a major hospital setting.

Special attention will be devoted to the student on principles of physical examination of the acute as well as the chronic surgical problem. Bedside teaching in these areas will be paramount and details of examination as well as details of bedside history taking in the surgical patient will be carefully outlined.

To supplement lectures and operative experience, daily surgical rounds will be conducted on the floors as well as in the intensive care unit areas along with surgical residents and the Chief Resident of Surgery. Special attention during these rounds will be given to problems of critical care monitoring, fluid and electrolyte replacement, hyperalimentation and placement of invasive monitoring devices.

Participation in all resident conferences is expected. A surgical library is provided for reading and study during free time, and academic pursuit along these lines is stressed while learning practical experience of patient evaluation and care.

Students will meet weekly with the program director to review their educational goals and progress.

Questions concerning electives in Surgery may be directed to the Residency Coordinator at (404) 265-4411.