Suggested Criteria for Residency Application 
  • Have passed the USMLE exams with no failures
  • Minimum test score requirements: 210 or above or above on both steps
  • Have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years
  • Have graduated from a LCME accredited medical school, ECFMG certified and/or IMG’s with significant “hands on” clinical experience in the United States
  • Are U.S. Citizens, permanent residents or are on a J-1 visa

Applicants with lesser credentials are discouraged from applying

Applicant submission begins on September 15th and the deadline for applications is December 31st.  Applicants must apply through ERAS.

Interviews are granted on a first-come first-serve basis and interview slots have historically been filled by the end of November.  Interviews are scheduled from November through January on Fridays.  During the 2011/12 application season, over 2000 applications were reviewed through ERAS.  For 2011/12 season, the program participated fully in the NRMP.