Graduate Medical Education Program

How does call work? 
Call depends on your rotation.  As an intern, there is no true call.  It is mostly shifts that are designed to provide the most teaching. There is one week of night float per month on Pediatrics. PGY2 varies from 4-5 a month.  PGY 3 varies between 1-2 a month in house call. 

How does weekend call work?
On inpatient services our residents work on Friday night and Sunday morning, or work a 24-hour shift on Saturday. Periodically, residents on electives will take a weekend call, which allows the inpatient team residents to have “golden weekends” (no hospital responsibilities on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday).

Family medicine residents and faculty at work 

Tell me about the faculty.
Our faculty is phenomenal. They are highly trained, approachable, effective teachers and excellent role models. They are well-rounded and eager to help. Nursing staff usually know a lot about the patients and hospital protocol. Make sure to befriend them early in your internship year!

What types of research do residents complete?
There is an integrated longitudinal research experience throughout the three years culminating in an individual project in the third year of that resident's choosing.

What do your residents do upon completion of residency?
Depending on the year, approximately 90% of our residents go into private practice while the rest go on to fellowship positions or teach. Some have returned as faculty here.


How do you like living in Atlanta?
A wide array of excellent restaurants, arts and theatre, exciting night-life, beautiful parks, and of course great sports teams (or at least their efforts are great) make Atlanta a wonderful place to live and work. There are plenty of housing options both in the downtown area and in the surrounding suburbs, all of which are within minutes of the hospital. Even better, Atlanta is perhaps the only large southern city where you can live comfortably on a resident salary!

What is your patient population like?
Our Model Practice facility is situated in a diversified suburb of Atlanta. We serve a wide variety of patients from the needy to the affluent. One of our strengths is that we can tailor a program that duplicates the population you wish to serve after graduating. We have a mix of patients who are Latino and African-American and Vietnamese and other demographic groups. Residents get good experience with managed care, Medicare and Medicaid.

Family medicine residents and faculty at work 
Do the residents hang out together outside of work?
Yes...and often! We get together in both small and large groups for happy hours, birthday dinners, dancing, New Year's celebrations, etc.

What is the cafeteria food like?
Breakfast usually is the best meal. Lunch and dinner includes salad bar, grill, hot meal, daily specials and soup. Also there is a Blimpie, Chick-Fil-A and a coffee and sandwich shop on the hospital campus. You can get free coffee in the cafeteria. There is free food in the residents lounge. There is also an allowance each month for food.

What is the best part about Atlanta Medical Center?
Everyone who is asked this question will respond with one of two answers: "The people" or "the friendly atmosphere." When we say "the people," we mean the residents, the faculty, and the hospital staff. There is a feeling around here that you have to experience for yourself to understand. People will smile at you for no reason!