Resume and Interview Tips 
Atlanta Medical Center 

  Hints for Obtaining Your Perfect Job  


►        Your resume should be typed and error free.  

►        Include your name, address, phone numbers and email address.  

►        Do not list your contact information as a header – include this as part of the body of your resume.  

 ►        Ensure that your objective matches the position that you are applying for.  

►        List all of your experience – be specific.  What units did you work in, what type of tests/exams have you conducted, what types of patients have you cared for, what special skills have you utilized, etc.  

►        Include a listing of licenses and certifications on your resume.  


►        When called for an interview, remember to make a note of the person’s name you will be meeting with.  

►        Arrive early for the interview.  If you will be late, call with an estimated time of arrival.  

►        Bring extra copies of your resume with you so you can distribute to everyone that interviews you.  

►        Turn off your cell phone and pagers before you arrive for the interview.  

►        First impressions count.  Present yourself in a professional manner (dress, speech and the manner in which you interact with others).  

►        Be prepared to ask questions.  A successful hire is great for both the employer as well as the employee.  Determine what is important to you in a job and ask questions to determine if the employer will offer those items that will make you a happy employee.  

►        Communicate during the interview what your experiences have been, why you are interested in the job you are applying for and what skills you would bring with you.